Sunday, December 9, 2012

Genevie Baby Gurl with DD

This is about the story of Genevie Baby Gurl The one and only Princess Isabelle , she's a white little kitten except on the top part which around her head cover by a minor of black colour which make her look much better, She's really naughty and playful its makes our house happy again ,The day I brought hr to clinic the doctor gave her the vaccination for fungus and after that apply some of flea prevention spray , once we reach home she already died, we believe due to the medicine taken by Isabelle causes she died, Oh My god I just don't understand why kitten keep died at my home ,How sad I am that time, well this is fated.    

Juliett First Baby Born

Juliett First Baby Born is Crystal and Jack , both of them really cute , how lucky I am when I bought Julliet she's actually pregnant , she gave me 3 beautiful kitten but one of the sibling died on the first day ,  I promise to my self that im going to take care the two lovely kitten with love and passion , 2 months later Both of them fall at my balcony house due to the balcony door was open when I'm not around, Its really sad and its been a week I cried just  because of the memories with them come every time I saw the place they used to play around,  I really love both of them so much especially Crystal, May their soul rest in Peace.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video Tiara & Romeo

Hai Semua,

Saksikan la Tiara & Romeo

Monday, April 30, 2012

Introduction Of Princess Julliett

Hello semua,

Hari ini, saya nak introduce princess Julliett Kucing baru saya, welcome to the group princess Julliett, actually I beli julliett kat someone tp time I beli julliet bulu dia gugur & bergumpal, x vaksin & deworm lagi , kalau x ade halangan insyallah this week nak hantar julliett & Romeo pergi klinik:), here I attach Gambar Julliett.

Video DD & Genevie

Video DD & Genevie Berbulan madu

DD & Genevie Berkawin

Hi Everyone,

Moga2 perkhawinan di antara DD & Genevie mampu melahirkan generasi yg cute2 di masa hadapan, kita akan post gambar2 Genevie Khawin dgn DD , Dibawah ni gamba2 diorang sedang berkhawin