Saturday, April 14, 2012

Clinic for pregnancy check up

Salam & Good day everyone,

Yasterday evening I brought my lovely Genevie to Klana Jaya Veterinary Clinic which is located at Dataran Glomac behind Giant Klana Jaya Supermarket . In fact before this Genevie went for mating service with Donut(Dr Intan Cat) for a week , That's why I went to the clinic again after a few weeks in order to know the status of my princess whether she pregnant or not, According to Dr Wati , Its hard to make sure she already pregnant or not due to her stomach very small, its kind of difficult for the Dr to notify it ,at least we did not came back with nothing , Dr wati did notice that her nipple getting pink and bigger (one of the sign of pregnancy) at the same time after the mating period genevie did not on heat & no sign of calling at all( Sign of pregnancy as well).Lets pray for genevie healty & future babies. Thanks:)

I'll update more and more interesting story of my cat from time to time, just come & visit to my blog if you guys have a free time. Enjoy your weekend.

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