Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy NewYear

Salam & Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year Cat Lovers, Hope it's still not too late to wish you all Happy New Year!
I used to write about event of my cats of each months but I decided not to write for the past few months due to personal issue & I guess my previous post sort of like covers what happened to my cats last year - The major events.:)

There is few things that I would like to highlight today where by few of cats is not around any more for an instance Daisy(My Fav) & Alejandro due to the few circumstances that cannot be avoid .

Even all the long to find the right owner for my lovely cats , there are few things come up as well where people did not satisfied due to they can't adopt the cats, Whatever it is I do have a right to whom should I give the cat & I do apologize to those that can't adopt them.

Let's stop talking about all story and focus on the present story which much more updated & interesting I Guess, well I have 2 new Partner (cats) & One existing cat which is Genevie. I'm going to introduce you guys one by one this newbies in my life.


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